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If Society Understood Sovereignty, it Would End Rape Culture, Imperialism, and Propaganda


Caitlin Johnstone, Visitor
Waking Occasions

After being publicly accused of sexual assault by greater than fifty ladies stretching again many years, serial rapist Invoice Cosby has lastly been sentenced to 3 to 10 years in state jail for drugging and sexually assaulting a feminine acquaintance at his Philadelphia house in 2004. The decide rejected Cosby’s requests for home arrest and for being launched on bail whereas his attorneys appealed the conviction, designating him a “sexually violent predator” after listening to testimony from Cosby’s victims in the course of the trial.

In order that’s settled now. Anybody who was nonetheless in denial that America’s favourite dad likes to rape ladies can go forward and place that flag within the hearth as soon as and for all, which truthfully they need to have carried out again in 2014 when a viral Hannibal Buress video acquired individuals researching the truth that Google is filled with tales misplaced on the backside of the information churn barrel by which ladies have accused Cosby of rape through the years. Individuals ought to have seen Cosby for what he’s then, not only for the sheer variety of accusations, however for the truth that they have been being leveled at a person who has been brazenly joking about drugging ladies to get intercourse because the 1960s.

Cosby has a bit in his 1969 stand-up album It’s True! It’s True! which he repeated for many years afterward, during which he jokes about an city legend that when you slip one thing referred to as “Spanish fly” into a lady’s drink she’ll offer you all of the intercourse you need, and talks about his makes an attempt to seek out some. The viewers thought it was hilarious. His 1986 biographer referred to as the bit “mild”. In 1991 Cosby nonetheless thought it was humorous sufficient to convey up in an interview on CNN’s Larry King Reside, throughout which the next trade occurred:

COSBY: There’s a factor about Spanish Fly. Have you learnt something about Spanish Fly?


KING: Once we have been youngsters we used to-


COSBY: There you go. There you go. That’s all. I simply needed the popularity.


KING: Sure.


COSBY: Spanish Fly.


KING: We knew what it was.


COSBY: Spanish Fly was the factor that each one boys from age 11 on as much as demise — We’ll nonetheless be looking for Spanish Fly.


KING: [laughs] That’s proper.


COSBY: And what was the old- The previous story was, for those who took a bit drop — It was on the top of a-


KING: Pin.


COSBY: -pin! And you set it in a drink-


KING: That’s proper. Drop it in her Coca-cola — It don’t matter.


COSBY: It doesn’t make any distinction. And the woman would drink it and-


KING: And she or he’s yours.


COSBY: -‘Hello, America!’ And there’s a narrative in there about Spanish Fly. So I feel that everyone — any man choosing it up will simply have a ball studying about that.

I get a whole lot of males whining at me each time I say the phrases “rape culture”, however I don’t actually know what else to name this kind of factor. A person is applauded for joking about sneaking substances into a lady’s drink which rob her of her sexual sovereignty, is catapulted into the very best echelons of fame, is seen many years later yukking it up with the nation’s most outstanding interviewer about that very same topic, and nothing is completed about it till a lot, a lot later when he’s dragged to courtroom and convicted on the age of 81 for truly drugging and assaulting a lady. That wasn’t a dynamic involving one man working in isolation. He was uplifted by a society whose tradition permitted and enabled such an angle towards ladies’s sexual sovereignty.

I convey up rape tradition every now and then not simply because it’s an inherently poisonous dynamic which destroys lives and has impacted me personally, however as a result of I see it as inseparable from the fixed transgressions of powerful individuals who search to undermine the sovereignty of complete populations and nations. I actually consider that if our tradition had a greater understanding of what sovereignty is and how it works, everybody from serial rapists to imperialists to mass media propagandists would lose the societal framework during which they function.

Energy, if you get proper right down to it, is finally about management. The power to regulate different human beings and determine what occurs to them. The extra management you have got over human lives, the extra energy you’ve got. Some exert totalitarian management over their partner and their youngsters, and inside their houses they’re omnipotent. Some exert management over whole teams of countries, and have the facility of life and dying over complete populations. These people are probably the most powerful individuals on the earth.

However in an effort to have management over one other individual, you will need to essentially violate their private sovereignty. You will need to discover a option to get your will to override their very own will for their very own lives as a way to management them, be it by bodily drive, authorized compulsion, psychological manipulation, or rape medicine. That is why power-facilitating narratives superior by governments, religions, schooling/indoctrination techniques, and mass media retailers have aways defined to their audiences why it is of their greatest curiosity to subvert their private sovereignty over their lives, their our bodies, their reproductive techniques, and their minds.

President Trump’s Nationwide Safety Advisor John Bolton is a PNAC founder, a lead architect of the Iraq invasion, and as soon as threatened to homicide a diplomat’s sons for standing in the best way of the rape of Iraq. He’s the neocon’s neocon, and his respect for each nationwide and private sovereignty is so nonexistent that I might not be the slightest bit stunned to study that he has raped his spouse or anybody else. Sovereignty is such a non-thing in Bolton’s actuality tunnel that he lately claimed that Russia giving Syria air protection methods to defend its personal airspace “would be a significant escalation by the Russians,” and added that US troops are going to stay in Syria “as long as Iranian troops are outside Iranian borders, and that includes Iranian proxies and militias.”

To be clear, the US army is in Syria with out the permission of the Syrian authorities, whereas the Iranian army and its so-called proxies are there on the invitation of the Syrian authorities to assist fight the terrorist forces which have overrun the nation with the assistance of the US-centralized empire. Bolton is the type of man that crashes your celebration uninvited, drinks all of the punch and knocks over the snack desk, and when your boyfriend asks him to go away, he tells you he’s not leaving till your boyfriend leaves first. That’s primarily what he’s saying.

The gall it takes to say that your army will proceed illegally occupying a sovereign nation for so long as its allies proceed to do the factor that allies do is such a grotesque perversion of the idea of sovereignty that if extra People had a greater understanding of that idea John Bolton would have brought about nationwide outrage by saying it. However in fact he didn’t, as a result of they don’t. It’s simply assumed that America is entitled to determine what sovereign nations do with their very own allies, and that it is allowed to invade and occupy their land to drive them to conform.

People settle for this gross violation of sovereignty as a result of they’ve been propagandized to simply accept it by the mass media machine which spends all day day by day manufacturing help for the agendas of those that management probably the most people. However this can be a violation of People’ psychological sovereignty, in precisely the identical approach slipping a rape drug into a lady’s drink is a violation of her sexual sovereignty. Simply as Invoice Cosby made it his life’s mission to attempt and manufacture the phantasm of sexual consent from ladies utilizing rape medicine, probably the most powerful individuals on the earth have been utilizing the mass media to attempt and manufacture the phantasm of consent for his or her agendas of struggle, oppression and ecocide.

It isn’t America’s place to inform Syria and Iran what they’re allowed to do inside each other’s borders any greater than it’s the federal government’s place to inform a lady what she will and can’t do inside her personal physique, whether or not that be having intercourse with whom she pleases or having an abortion if she decides that’s in her greatest curiosity. It isn’t the plutocrats’ place to slide manipulative narratives into the minds of the plenty any greater than it was Invoice Cosby’s place to slide rape medicine into a lady’s drink. It isn’t America’s place to invade a sovereign nation and occupy its land to drive it to obey its instructions any greater than it was Invoice Cosby’s place to insert his penis right into a drugged lady.

Energy will depend on systematic and relentless violations of sovereignty in myriad varieties around the globe, which is why powerful individuals act like such disgusting, rapey creeps on a regular basis. In a wholesome world, which I firmly consider we will create, a deep understanding of sovereignty in all its varieties will substitute this poisonous dynamic during which the rapey fingers of energy are continually inserting themselves into lives, minds and nations so as to dominate and management them. In such a society, every part from rape to imperialism to propaganda will stand out like a black fly on a white sheet of paper and be expelled like a pathogen by a wholesome immune system.

Concerning the Writer

Caitlin Johnstone – Rogue journalist. Bogan socialist. Anarcho-psychonaut. Guerrilla poet. Utopia prepper.

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**This text (If Society Understood Sovereignty, it Would End Rape Tradition, Imperialism, and Propaganda) was initially featured at and is reposted right here with permission. 

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