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The Capture of Health Freedom


Jon Rappoport, Visitor
Waking Occasions

“So you start off in charge, you’re an independent operator, you don’t work inside the system, but then you figure out the system thinks it includes you, some moron must have slipped in that clause while you weren’t looking, so you go talk to him, and it’s a pretty congenial meeting, although he does come across like a company man, and then later on you get an engraved invitation to come to a party. The food is very good and the people seem reasonable in a sort of washed-out way, but the upshot is, you can come in out of the cold if you want to. They’ll take you in. You can sit in an office and make twice as much as you were making on your own. That’s what they tell you. The only thing is, you have to sign a piece of paper that says you were never born and you’re actually a desk ornament. They assure you it’s just a formality and they’ve signed the same paper, and look, it hasn’t hurt them…” — The Magician Awakes

Once I was operating for a Congressional seat in 1994, I used to be additionally within the center of a struggle to protect entry to various well being care, towards FDA assault—and through that course of, I used to be enlightened by way of assembly numerous members of the Pod Individuals species, who had their very own concepts about what well being freedom meant.

These have been high-IQ idiots who had some type of entry to politicians and teachers. They have been professional compromisers and sell-out artists, who noticed their mission in life as one thing on the order of “integrating” every little thing they might get their arms on.

In coming years, they might turn into hangers-on at Middle for Various Drugs (CAM) (later renamed as Middle for Complementary and Integrative Well being), the brand new workplace of various well being established on the Nationwide Institutes of Well being. Assume “seedy tout at the racetrack.”

CAM was, for many individuals, the belief of a moist dream. Lastly, the federal authorities, gripped in a brand new cloud of Love, was going to confess that various drugs existed and could possibly be “integrated” into “real medicine.”

Sure, sure. A brand new day was dawning. A day of recognition. An enormous gold star can be pinned to chests of chiropractors and naturopaths and acupuncturists. O pleasure.

“You like me! You really like me!”

In these conferences with the Pods, I noticed their loafers, their pressed denims, their safari jackets, their rigorously organized thinning hair, their informal smiles. Holy shit, these have been current incarnations of the frat boys I had gone to school with:

“Everything’s good. All we have to do is craft language the politicians and bureaucrats can understand and accept, and they will reach their hands across the divide, because, in the final analysis, all that separates people is a diversity of background and experience. We can integrate that.”

The sub-text was:

Within the coming years, alt. drugs shall be acknowledged. Professorships and bureaucratic jobs and positions at hospitals will spring up out of tax cash, and we will dig into that stash and discover comfortable work, if we play our playing cards proper. However don’t rock the boat. Don’t assault the feds. Don’t go after the FDA. Don’t be “negative.” Love might not conquer all, however it could worm its method into authorities budgets.

And that was proper and true. Today, the professions of chiropractic and naturopathy and acupuncture have, on the highest ranges, bought their souls to allopathic drugs and federal regulators. Subsequently, for them, the battle for well being freedom is over. They assume they’ve truly gained.

Within the 1960s, this entire course of was referred to as co-opting. Authorities or huge enterprise would discover methods to soak up (“integrate”) its opposition.

Whereas, as soon as upon a time, the naturopaths have been robust seasoned fighters who have been holding authorities at bay and plowing forward with the work of therapeutic, now they’ve their very own bureaucrats cashing checks and enlightening the younger dewy-eyed era of practitioners on how the sport is performed:

“Hey, it’s all legal now, baby. Don’t sweat it. (cough, cough) I mean, we are in conference with major players at NIH, and a task force has been created to elucidate the work of two prior study groups, and in this regard we have secured ex-officio membership on a sub-committee to examine the psychological effect, on medical doctors, of reading published studies on minimal supplementation with extremely low-dose Vitamin C during the first five hours of head colds which were preceded by a tingling sensation at the back of the throat and a genital twitching in rabbits…in fact, and you’ll really like this, at the new complementary-medicine wing of a hospital in Northern Alaska, some of our fourth-year students here at the naturopathic college will be able to apply for positions as interns applying a citrus concentrate to toilets in the men’s rooms on the third floor, to assess the results, vis-a-vis germ eradication, against the old toxic cleaning solutions…”

And that about sums up what is going to occur to the chiropractors and the naturopaths and the acupuncturists up the street. Chiros will regulate the spines of exhausting instances in homeless shelters who refuse Thorazine after which publish their findings on government-issued rest room paper.

Steadily, the good golden promise of integration will come true, solely not in the best way this new model of alt. practitioner expects.

I’ve information for the New Age Pod alt. bureaucrats. When you’re in with the federal government, you’re all the best way in. You’re taking the scraps they depart on the desk. You discover ways to love the scraps. You primp and pump up your pretended achievements and money your checks. That’s your position. Once you’re referred to as on to promote out additional, you do it with a smile. You kiss the ring. And also you come to understand your career of pure therapeutic has turn out to be a cartoon of itself. You reside in that cartoon and also you make your little speeches and mount your plaques on the workplace wall. Whenever you need extra money, you stand in line on the federal trough and wait. Bullshit is thy identify.

What the Pods by no means discovered is that, if you negotiate together with your your opponents, you’re you and they’re they. Since that’s the case, particularly when you’re coming from a place of relative weak spot, your “victories” are wholly a perform of who your opponents are and what they actually need and what they’re prepared to do to get it, within the lengthy, long term. Can I make it any easier?

On this context, integration means you’ll ultimately end up in quicksand holding an extended stick, and the individual on the opposite finish of the stick will probably be your enemy. Then, he can re-negotiate the whole lot. Instantly.

Sure, Virginia, there are enemies. They exist. They aren’t simply an phantasm fostered by “old discredited modes of thought.” You don’t make them vanish by means of some puerile trick. For starters, you don’t put any inventory of their guarantees. As an alternative, to start with, you make public their dangerous deeds. Come on. Get up. This technique goes again to the cave males. The first time it was used, a man stopped his woman good friend from marrying some oaf when he stated, “Hey, Oaf Dude rolled four boulders we use for bonfires into his own cave. I’ve got him in the act on video. Look.”

This was my technique once I was operating for Congress. I went on the offensive towards the FDA. The materials at my disposal then, as now, was voluminous. It’s within the public report.

The Pods castigated me for my strategy. They noticed this as a hindrance to, sure, integration. They informed me we have been in a brand new age, and now the popular technique was in depth negotiation. Battle decision.

One night time in 1994, a couple of months earlier than the passage of the so-called Well being Freedom Invoice in Congress, which I used to be assured would shield us towards the FDA ceaselessly, I sat in a last-ditch assembly with a dozen different individuals. We needed to draft an modification to the Invoice that may nail down the protections we actually wanted.

A towering hack from UCLA, whose specialty was apparently Brainstorming and Battle Decision, a fats domehead who was as all for well being freedom as a scuttle fish is within the orbit of the moon, chaired this assembly. He had been invited in as an professional.

So he requested us all to introduce ourselves, one after the other, and after that little excruciating train, he stated he would write, on the blackboard behind him, every of our concepts about why this modification was essential. Nicely, of course, we already knew why it was necessary. In any other case, we wouldn’t have come to the room within the first place.

I noticed he was going to take a pair of hours, shifting us by means of his hoops, to get to the guts of the matter, so I stated, in my standard gracious fashion, “This is stupid.”

He checked out me. He tried to smile.

I stated, “Let me summarize. We’re here to draft an amendment to the Hatch Bill that will give us more guarantees. We can write this sucker in twenty minutes. I will write it. Does anyone in the room want to go off and write his version? Then we can compare.”

One hand was raised.

“Good,” I stated. “Do it. I’ll go into this next room here and type out mine. Let’s take a break and come back in twenty minutes.”

In order that’s what occurred, and we did hash out an modification, and of course no one in Washington needed to offer it three seconds of time, as a result of all the weather of the Hatch Invoice had already been agreed upon, behind closed doorways.

After our assembly, a person within the room who knew the UCLA hack got here as much as me and stated, “You were pretty harsh there.”

“Really?” I stated. “If we’d followed his little Chinese torture technique, it would have taken us six hours to come to the same place we are now. Who did he think he was dealing with, second graders?”

The man frowned.

“That’s not the point,” he stated. “Brainstorming has its own style, and we needed to follow that.”

“Why?” I stated. “We already knew what we needed. We’re not building a rocket ship here.”

“Okay,” he stated, “but this meeting was supposed to be about integrating our ideas, so that, in Washington, the same spirit of integration might prevail and get us what we wanted.”

“By osmosis?” I stated. “That’s quite a leap of logic. Do you have a church?”


“A church.”

I seemed him over. He was lean and bronzed. I imagined he did push-ups underneath a tanning lamp in his house fitness center. He was crinkled across the eyes, in all probability from pressured smiling, a follow I don’t usually advocate. His combover appeared to be threaded with minor extensions. I couldn’t make sure. He was sporting one of these bush jackets with the various pockets. His nails have been carried out with clear polish.

He wasn’t smiling now.

“I sense a church here,” I repeated. “With a doctrine derived from As So Above, So Below. If we’re nice here tonight, ‘Washington’ will mystically pick up the vibe and be nice. Anyway, you don’t remember me, but I was with you at a meeting last month, and you were pushing for a committee to study the amendment, which would have put us so far behind schedule the Bill would have passed before we got our pencils correctly sharpened.”

The man blushed.

“Don’t worry,” I stated. “You’re winning. You’re going to get a gig in whatever structure comes out of this war we’re waging. You’ll always be the good guy in the room. The folks in Washington like that.”

And by God, he did get a gig. Inside the swelling paperwork of alt. drugs. A collection of gigs. I used to be informed he’s a brainstorming skilled, and when he holds conferences of his minions, he bores them so enormously a couple of of them need to push him out a window.

However he’s concurrently for well being freedom and for “sensible government regulations,” and he’s for cooperating with the FDA and he’s for integrating medical medicine and vitamins—judiciously, of course—and he’s for elevated authorities inspections of natural farms and he’s for genetically modified meals, with some (once more, “sensible”) restrictions, and he’s for 15 quite than 49 doses of vaccines for infants, and he’s for bringing naturopaths and chiropractors and acupuncturists into the fold, and drafting new “standards of practice and external monitoring” for them.

I consider he calls himself, from time to time, an ex-hippie who nonetheless applies the teachings of his youth to the exigencies and realities of our time. I’m thrilled. (Integral integration with integrity.)

With Pods like this working for us, our job is full. We will take coronary heart and sit up for a brand new century of love, throughout which our great-great grandchildren will probably be birthed in natural oak vats the place, artificial genes imparted, they’ll bathe in an answer that delivers 60 or 70 vaccines in the meanwhile of emergence into the world.

A chiropractor with a complicated diploma will clear out the vat and dump the contents right into a drain, mop the ground, and take out the rubbish.

Outdoors the child manufacturing unit, a totally licensed authorities naturopath might be raking the leaves on the garden.

A PhD acupuncturist who’s carried out post-doc work on the Mayo Clinic can be smoothing out the sand and choosing up sweet wrappers within the kiddies’ playpen.

They’ll cease working and lookup because the hospital dietitian, who researches processed-food injectables, rolls by in her Mercedes.

Concerning the Writer

Jon Rappoport is the writer of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat within the 29thDistrict of California. He maintains a consulting apply for personal shoppers, the aim of which is the enlargement of private artistic energy. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has labored as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, drugs, and well being for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Journal, Stern, and different newspapers and magazines within the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on international politics, well being, logic, and artistic energy to audiences around the globe. You’ll be able to join his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

(To examine Jon’s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click on right here.)

This text (The Capture of Health Freedom) was initially created and revealed by Jon Rappaport’s Weblog and is re-posted right here with permission.

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