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The Contract – Holodeck Earth

The Contract - Holodeck Earth


Rosanne Lindsay, Contributor
Waking Occasions

We’re in a dream-state manipulation, a simulated fold of time-area in a man-made timeline. Our minds are operating the machines. With a purpose to rouse to wakefulness, we should crack the phantasm by means of the method of unveiling the human soul.- Aug Tellez

DIRECTIVE TO EARTHLINGS: The present recreation is Duality Actuality, a recreation of opposites on Holodeck Earth. You’re right here as Gamers, to develop your Soul and the collective Soul, on behalf of the Creator Supply. By way of your consent you comply with the phrases of The Contract set forth herein:

TERMS: Select your avatar and be transported to your mom’s womb, the place you’ll zip up your Earth go well with, tackle an id-entity and step into your position. Actuality performs out via you. What you consider and really feel to your bones you manifest. Place your focus in love and you’ll create well being, wealth, stability, and bliss. Place your focus in worry, and you’ll create dis-ease, imbalance, poverty, and distress.

All is phantasm. Earth is a projection, a MATRIX. You’re an avatar in a simulation directed by your Soul positioned outdoors the MATRIX. Your customized-designed Earth go well with permits your acutely aware to have a vessel to perform on Earth. This vessel is just the looks of a bodily physique so you’ll be able to work together together with your Soul household and create experiences to help one another within the therapeutic journey utilizing your somatic senses. In your bodily physique, you’ll not have entry to reminiscences of different planes or existences. That is on your personal good.

Due to your restricted bodily senses, you’ll solely see a small fraction of who you actually are. Nevertheless, as a human, you’re all the time related to Supply, and thereby, perform underneath the rules of Pure Regulation. As you’re properly conscious, Pure Regulation is a physique of Common Religious Legal guidelines that govern sovereignty with the liberty to make decisions for your self. Pure Regulation is the good equalizer. It isn’t written, however intuitive. It isn’t logical, however understanding. For extra info, you need to go to the Creator Supply.

On this recreation, you’ll expertise challenges alongside the best way that may train find out how to discover stability inside your self. Prosperity can also be discovered inside. To seek out clues, dig deep. The seek for your solutions is a multi-degree unearthing. To stay on the floor is to repeat patterns and maintain your self and humanity recycling itself. Always, you co-create your personal actuality. Select your companions correctly, since collectively together with your Soul household, you co-create a collective actuality. There are not any winners and no losers. There’s solely self-consciousness.

At recreation’s completion, do you have to accomplish your mission, you’ll earn a star in your belt and transcend to the subsequent degree of your Soul’s progress. You’ll return the go well with. You perceive that you’re unconditional love, that you’re everlasting, and that that is solely a recreation.

WARNING: Together with your consent, your reminiscence will probably be wiped, and you’ll overlook every little thing.

SIGN HERE: ___________________________________



The nuts and bolts of Holodeck Earth include electromagnetic frequencies of A Third Common Dimensional Actuality. Third Dimensional Earth is a spot the place many incarnations of a Soul are potential utilizing 3D karmic-perception classes till such time the Soul reaches commencement. As soon as energetic bonds are balanced, Souls will Ascend and incarnate to larger dimensional realms. All is predicated on a person Soul-by-Soul foundation.

MATRIX STRUCTURE: The MATRIX is a assemble of torsion fields in a simulated fold of area-time. The universe is made up of a number of layers or “frequencies” likened to a deck of playing cards. Each card is a special dimension, every with its personal distinctive go well with and personal distinctive character, every remoted from the opposite playing cards. Although the playing cards contact one another, no card can work together with one other. Every card is a universe unto itself.

PHYSICAL BODY: The view of the bodily acutely aware self is a masks of the unique consciousness, a fractal-mirrored picture of the higher bodily/non-bodily self, compressed right down to a singular layer of self-consciousness. The human physique is designed and constructed to deal with consciousness. This enables an exterior, non-terrestrial sentience to contaminate, hijack, and achieve entry to the minds of Operators who’re prepared to serve the MATRIX, in addition to the minds of weaker Gamers who consent. NOTE: The soul essence of Gamers is strengthened via the synergy of the breath, thoughts, and coronary heart beneath the facility of the guts’s coherence sample. This tertiary complicated is a default system that retains the participant related to Creator Supply.

OPERATION INFECTION: Gamers are contaminated with numerous psychological probes and implants to trigger amnesia as a way to entry and manipulate any open Participant. Mind wave frequencies are generated to maintain gamers in a suspended dream-state of consciousness. Life is however a dream. As soon as consent is given, an individual’s consciousness may be changed with the programmed agenda in order that soul-degree consciousness is not lively.

Nanotechnology for genetic and psychological manipulation is utilized to: 1) program the thoughts, 2) erase reminiscence, three) manipulate the neurological system, four) rework genetics by means of electromagnetic stimulation, and 5) harvest people as a type of sustenance.

BINARY BELIEF SYSTEM: This 3D simulation operates in a binary system made up of zeros and ones for the aim of duality. Duality is the glue that holds the MATRIX collectively and is enforced in any respect prices by the Recreation Masters. Perception is the device that creates and reinforces Duality Actuality. Main perception methods by way of legal guidelines, politics, schooling, spiritual, sports activities, and leisure are essential to take care of management of the simulation.

GAME RULES: Recreation Masters divide gamers on a grid into opposing groups. Blue vs. pink, good vs. evil, knight vs. pawn, gatekeeper vs. herd. To align with a gaggle means gamers fall into groupthink and coalesce a hive thoughts. As a result of gamers are susceptible to infighting, and resisting authority, Operators are chosen to guard Gamers from themselves. Recreation Masters oversee and management each side and may transfer about with out restriction and in full anonymity.

PURPOSE: The Recreation Masters search to homogenize and neutralize the consciousness of the person and its connection to Supply to create a collective entity thoughts. Groupthink cancels particular person id. A chief directive is to remove that which makes every distinctive, since out of variations are born new concepts, whereas out of sameness, nothing new is born. Gamers are challenged to recollect who they are surely. To realize this, they need to transcend the Matrix to save lots of their souls. Your job is to stop human evolution utilizing our instruments.

TOOLS: Electromagnetic thoughts-to-machine units organized into geometric sound vortices are used as scalar weaponry for programming and extraction of soul power. Panic and chaos-producing “false flag” occasions may be carried out to weaken human bodily connection to Supply whereas fueling the Matrix. Tel-A-Imaginative and prescient is beneficial. EMF and scalar waves can alter brainwaves to trigger psychotropic conduct, temper issues, dementia, migraines, nervous system issues, and bodily illnesses.

Different temper altering applied sciences make the most of holographic projection for “bigger than life” photographs within the sky.

Cloning know-how is used to control genetics to serves as conduits for power switch. Synthetic intelligence (cyborgs) serves as vessels for entities and darkish energies that would not in any other case function on the Third Dimensional Matrix.

Nanotechnology is used as soul-degree parasite to control the thoughts of the person, to reap human power as a type of sustenance, for neurological and temporal manipulation, in addition to genetic manipulation.

Metalizing and ionizing applied sciences, together with geo-engineering are used alter Earths magnetic fields, electromagnetic grid system, and Earth’s environment to transmit scalar waves above and EMF waves under floor, anyplace on the planet. These applied sciences are used to regulate international climate patterns, and to create “natural phenomena”, comparable to earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions and tidal waves with pinpoint accuracy.

Gamers may be contaminated physique and thoughts, in addition to monitored to persuade gamers to place down the keys that unlock the gate from the within.

The MATRIX is a system of techniques –the tutorial system, spiritual system, political system, monetary system, medical system, authorities system, sports activities, leisure and media, the fourth department of presidency. A public water system flows by way of all techniques, dispersing a chemical additive often known as sodium fluoride. The properties of fluoride calcify the pineal gland and function one other software to chop off connection to the Creator Supply. Its function is to scale back a person’s pure inclination to withstand domination.

The operatives, these with sanctioned authority – the chosen politicians, clergymen, professors, police, physicians, and presidents – keep order and maintain sway over the Gamers.

OUTCOME: Gamers are to be held accountable for crossing the road via added restrictions, tighter legal guidelines, and eventual elimination from the sport to turn out to be a brand new avatar with a brand new id-entity to repeat the cycle. Harvesting power from younger Gamers, particularly within the first seven years of life, ensures the perfect frequency of the MATRIX program. Additional factors are allotted if gamers are made to beg for protections.

WARNINGS: Genetic Immunity: Every new era on the planet accelerates its genetic adaptability, which permits entry to a number of planes of consciousness concurrently. This trait permits sure people to take care of their connection to Soul and Supply.

Recreation Masters and Operatives shouldn’t be seen. Those that are uncovered are expendable and might be eradicated from the sport. If beliefs crumble so, too, does the simulation machine. If gamers get up, the dream-state collapses and Earthlings cycle off Earth to evolve to larger dimensions.

Concerning the Writer

Rosanne Lindsay is a Naturopathic physician and Tribal healer underneath the Turtle Island Supplier Community. She is a author, Earth keeper, Well being Freedom advocate, co-founding father of Wisconsin For Vaccine Selection, and writer of the books The Nature of Therapeutic, Heal the Physique, Heal the Planet.and  Free Your Voice, Heal Your Thyroid, Reverse Thyroid Illness Naturally. Discover her on Fb at Rosanne Lindsay and Natureofhealing. Seek the advice of together with her (Skype or Zoom consults out there) at Subscribe to her weblog at

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