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Trump and Putin Are In Grave Danger – Dave Hodges

Trump and Putin Are In Grave Danger - Dave Hodges

As a result of the tenets of liberalism solely attraction to the lazy, communists, satanists, thugs and the mentally sick, America won’t ever willingly ever settle for liberalism and the sacrifice of the sovereignty of america. Subsequently, it might turn into crucial to chop off the top of the snake as a result of the Globalists are in an absolute state of panic.

Blacks and Hispanics, in document numbers, are flocking to help Donald Trump and his financial insurance policies that reward self-willpower and arduous work.The globalists and the liberals are dropping their management over traditionally liberal voting blocks. The globalists see the nation awakening with a renewed sense of populism and nationalism and the powers-that-be aren’t going to permit America to outlive for for much longer if its residents proceed to embrace the politics of conservatism and nationalism.

As a result of the liberals, who help globalism, and finally Satanism, can’t obtain regime change within the conventional and official method that includes following the Structure, the liberals are going for broke. They’re trying to undermine American society at each flip. Liberals are using the methods of “Voter Fraud, False Flags, Financial Collapse, Assassination and Home Revolt. 

It’s clear, as a result of Donald Trump has not been assassinated, that this technique of regime change is the final choice for regime change on the globalist agenda. However make no mistake about it, if Trump crosses the magic line, the globalists will cope with the fallout of an assassination with a view to protect the objectives of the New World Order. Let’s start with an evaluation of probably the most dire menace to conservative America and that may be the removing of Donald Trump from the workplace of the President by way of assassination. How do I do know? Historical past tells me so. JFK was murdered as a result of he left the globalists with no choice and Reagan was neutralized with a close to-deadly bullet when he wouldn’t lay down and take path from his Trilateral Fee dominated cupboard. Donald Trump is approaching his second of fact as properly. And as you will notice, so is Putin.

Please permit me to play the position of “Captain Obvious” for a second. The Globalist and their Deep State minions, most of whom reside inside the squalor of Democratic Get together, have to collapse America to result in their New World Order which is spoken about within the e-book of Revelations. If America can’t be delivered to her knees by way of means aside from assassination, assassination would be the last Trump card (pun meant each actually and figuratively).

Based mostly on my information and understanding of historical past, I consider that the President’s life is in grave hazard if the Deep State techniques to destabilize America and squash the politics of populism and nationalism fail. It will be a mistake to assume that assassination doesn’t lie in the way forward for Donald Trump if the so-referred to as Blue Wave fizzles out.

From what’s noticed, it’s clear that the Deep State’s final choice is assassination as a result of there can be no actual option to conceal the reality regardless of what number of trendy-day Lee Harvey Oswalds they might assemble. Nevertheless, if the globalists have been confronted with the derailment of their satanic plan to enslave the earth or danger a horrific populist-based mostly backlash towards the globalists, they may nonetheless take the danger of a backlash and take Donald Trump out. Globalism is their prime directive and they may do no matter it takes.

Previous to assassinating the President, the globalists are intent on neutralizing America’s new-discovered populism by way of the next means:

  1. Voter fraud
  2. False flag assaults
  3. Financial collapse
  4. Home rebellion
  5. World Struggle III
  6. Assassination of political figures, in need of the President
  7.  The sensible elimination of all borders

All of those actions are presently in play and are seemingly underneath the course of George Soros and key operatives inside the Democratic Social gathering. If these occasions will not be profitable in stemming the tide of populism, then two extra prospects loom as distinct threats to the American individuals.

eight. Chemical, organic assault

9.  Nuclear detonation(s)

And naturally, if all else fails, the assassination of Donald Trump.

Whereas being interviewed on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, with Doug and Joe Hagmann, I said that if the Unbiased Media (IM) had been round in 1963, the JFK assassination plot would have been solved in lower than every week. The duvet story narratives would have sunk quicker than a submarine with display doorways. Due to extra trendy and decidedly unbiased investigative methods, individuals just like the late Jim Marrs and myself, can clearly and convincingly inform you what actually went on behind the scenes that led to JFK’s demise of JFK. I firmly consider that as a result of the globalists can’t absolutely extinguish the IM, and we might shortly resolve any assassination try on Donald Trump, that this has served to maintain Donald Trump protected, for the current second.

The globalists try to take away Trump via a plethora of actions designed to undo all of Trump accomplishments so as to win the the midterm elections which can culminate in impeachment, conviction and the removing of Donald J. Trump because the President. Globalist Mike Pence will take over and information this nation into the arms of the liberals simply in time for the 2020 election when somebody like Hillary will take the reigns of this nation and full the work began by Obama previous to the emergence and interference of Donald Trump.

In the late Spring of 1963, President Kennedy gave his well-known American College speech through which he referred to as for the cessation of above floor nuclear testing and to maneuver in the direction of a honest try of normalizing American-Cuban relations following the Cuban Missile Disaster.  This isn’t what the globalists of the day needed to listen to. That they had manufactured the chilly conflict menace to realize extra management over governments in disaster and managed them underneath menace of conflict. Additional, the army industrial complicated that Eisenhower warned us about, would make trillions from a manufactured chilly warfare. The very last thing the globalists needed was to normalize relations between Cuba and the US.

In November of 1963, JFK had secretly dispatched French reporter, Jean Simon to play the position of emissary and discover the re-institution of diplomatic relations with Cuba. JFK needed to have the ability to divert protection cash to his social packages and decreasing the scope of the Chilly Conflict was the centerpiece of his technique.

Jean Simon was representing JFK and was with Fidel Castro when JFK was assassinated. Please learn the next account during which this reporter describes intimately Castro’s response to the capturing of JFK when it was not but recognized if the President was going to outlive the assassination try:

He (Castro) got here again, sat down, and repeated 3 times the phrases: “Es una mala noticia.” (“This is bad news.”) He remained silent for a second, awaiting one other name with additional information. He remarked whereas we waited that there was an alarmingly sizable lunatic fringe in American society and that this deed might equally nicely have been the work of a madman or of a terrorist. Maybe a Vietnamese? Or a member of the Ku Klux Klan? The second name got here by means of: it was hoped they might be capable of announce that america President was nonetheless alive, that there was hope of saving him. Fidel Castro’s fast response was: “If they can, he is already re-elected.” He pronounced these phrases with satisfaction…

…I recounted to him of an interview which President Kennedy granted me this final October 24, and about Fidel Castro’s reactions to those impressions. Throughout this nocturnal dialogue, Castro had delivered himself of a relentless indictment of U.S. coverage, including that within the current previous Washington had had ample alternative to normalize its relations with Cuba, however that as an alternative it had tolerated a CIA program of coaching, equipping and organizing a counter-revolution. He had informed me that he wasn’t within the least scared of his life, since hazard was his pure milieu, and if he have been to grow to be a sufferer of america this might merely improve his radius of affect in Latin America in addition to all through the socialist world. He was talking, he stated, from the point of view of the pursuits of peace in each the American continents. To realize this aim, a pacesetter must come up in the USA able to understanding the explosive realities of Latin America and of assembly them midway. Then, all of the sudden, he had taken a much less hostile tack: “Kennedy might nonetheless be this man. He nonetheless has the potential of turning into, within the eyes of historical past, the best President of the USA, the chief who might eventually perceive that there could be coexistence between capitalists and socialists, even within the Americas. He would then be a good larger President than Lincoln. I do know, for instance, that for Khrushchev, Kennedy is a person you possibly can speak with…

A Cuban-American alliance would undermine the core of the Chilly Warfare scheme and couldn’t be permitted. And it simply so occurred that on the very same day of the assassination, President Kennedy was double dipping b y having Norman Cousins play citizen diplomat. The aim? stopping nuclear testing and normalizing relations:

Through the Dwight Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy administrations, Cousins turned an unofficial citizen diplomat, facilitating communication among the many Vatican, the Kremlin, and the White Home. Each presidents, he recounts, acknowledged the necessity to scale back tensions between the superpowers in addition to the worth of out-of-channel dialogue to advance diplomatic talks and strengthen ties. Following a go to to the Soviet Union in 1960, Cousins initiated a collection of cultural exchanges between People and Russians that turned often known as the Dartmouth Conferences. The Cuban missile disaster unfolded originally of considered one of these periods. In his interview, he describes how the influential group he pulled collectively functioned as a clearinghouse for each side because the disaster ran its course. The confrontation, he recollects, was each a private and a historic watershed that gave each Khrushchev and Kennedy a blazing consciousness of the implications of nuclear warfare and the understanding that each nations share the identical lifeboat. When check-ban treaty talks stalled in 1963, Cousins visited Khrushchev and brokered a recent begin to negotiations. Putting to viewers of this interview is Cousinss means, via the weird entry he needed to the secretary basic, to decode the Soviet chief. By means of private anecdotes, he illuminates Khrushchevs character, management fashion, nationwide ambitions, and reactions to occasions and to home and worldwide pressures. Cousins describes his private conversations with Secretary Basic Nikita Khrushchev…

On the identical day of those two probably earth shattering and historical past altering  conferences, JFK was lifeless, and together with his demise, died the hope of the planet for peace. Do you continue to consider within the coincidence principle of historical past?

It ought to be talked about that shortly after the demise of JFK, Khrushchev was not calling the photographs in Russia. One other coincidence, or does it characterize the facility of the globalists?

JFK’s try and undermine the fabrication of the chilly warfare was met with an excessive government motion. Now we see historical past repeating itself. In case you have not heard, you quickly will. Trump and Putin are quickly going to announce a gathering in Paris. They’re going to be discussing methods to fight the specter of their very own Deep State and learn how to cope with the globalist’s want to destroy each nations. Globalism is in hassle. Nevertheless the danger to the lives of each leaders is nice and parallels what occurred in November 1963 when JFK was assassinated. The globalists won’t ever allow this alliance to mature.

For months, I’ve acquired info that Trump and Putin have truly explored the potential for standing as much as  the globalists collectively.


So as to add credence to the  report mentioned above, Putin went rogue and threatened the worldwide elite with nuclear weapons. It was not reported within the MSM, however it was within the Russian media.

It’s my thought-about worry that if America and Russia can’t be dismantled by the globalists, government actions shall be taken.


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