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What English Professors Want: Confessions & Advice for Students

What English Professors Want: Confessions & Advice for Students

Do you know that your phrases not solely clarify the belongings you need to talk, however that your phrases additionally inform individuals issues about you personally?

Once I started educating virtually 15 years in the past, this time of yr was typically hectic for me and my college students. Lots of my nicest and brightest college students might grow to be querulous when their first essays have been due. Throughout workplace hours I might go over the task broadly, then, when this failed, go over it line by line, and nonetheless I used to be unable to assuage their considerations.

Then the scholar would typically ask the query that I all the time discovered notably irksome: “Can’t you just tell me what you want in this essay?”

Once I was a youthful professor, I usually responded with the common pedagogical truisms and cock-a-hoop that I discovered in graduate faculty. However when a scholar would demand to know what I needed after I’d written it down within the tips within the task, I in all probability turned blue within the face and made exasperated feedback resembling, “This isn’t high school anymore. You’re in college now. You can’t expect a professor to outline the smallest detail of a passing paper,” and so forth.

In my youth and inexperience, I feel it felt like these college students have been asking me to assume for them, define their paper for them, give them a thesis assertion, and so forth. As a (hopefully) extra seasoned professor in the present day, I need to return to this query that I typically discovered annoying earlier in my profession: What do I would like out of your school writing? 

To start out with, all of my writing assignments convey a robust sense of my expectations for your work. Nevertheless, I additionally keep away from being so specific that the task permits no room for your interpretation and unique creativity. With that stated, I can supply a couple of traits that you must attempt to have in your personal writing.

Due to my background, I exploit literature as my paradigm, however the identical is true for writing in most different educational disciplines.

An understanding of the task

When writing for school professors, you’ll be able to keep away from many pitfalls by ensuring that you simply perceive the broader arc of the task. Whereas particulars can typically be included and developed later, in case you fail to think about the pillars of the task, this will trigger loads of hassle.

Take for instance an task that asks for an evaluation. When a professor assigns a Three-page evaluation on Ernest Hemingway’s “The Snows of Kilimanjaro,” you need to ensure you have a transparent conception of what an evaluation is. Students typically deal with the phrase like one thing esoteric, nevertheless it merely means “the separating of any material or abstract entity into its constituent elements.”

Even in case you are nonetheless not sure about the way to do evaluation, no less than this definition can illustrate what an evaluation is not. Phrases reminiscent of “separating,” “abstract,” and “elements” convey that your professor needs you to assay totally different elements of Hemingway’s story and use them to burnish your personal concepts on Hemingway’s imaginative and prescient of “man and nature,” the “meaning of death,” or no matter else you possibly can squeeze from the story.

So, when you’ve got already begun your essay evaluation on “The Snows of Kilimanjaro,” how have you learnt in case you are doing it fallacious? As you learn over your paper, for those who discover that you’re “telling a story about a story” (as one in every of my former college students as soon as ingeniously put it), then your essay sounds extra like a abstract, not an evaluation. A abstract is a retelling of the motion inside the story, which might be not what your professor needed.

Evaluation verses abstract is one amongst a number of examples that I might have used right here for instance my level, however the general rule is identical: by no means start an essay earlier than clarifying the character of the task.

Select your phrases and phrasing with care

After understanding the task, I might emphasize subsequent that you simply be very attentive within the phrases and phrases you choose for your essay. Do you know that your phrases not solely clarify the belongings you need to talk, however that your phrases additionally inform individuals issues about you personally?

Whether or not that’s truthful or not is just not my concern right here. It’s only a actuality. Professors are sometimes involved with mechanics, fashion, phrasing, and originality within the papers that they assign, and professors can grow to be irritated when the conventions they uphold are violated. It is best to all the time be sure that your essay just isn’t solely right however that it’s well-written: there’s a distinction. You must begin on the sentence degree.

It is crucial that your sentences circulate. Maybe you’ve gotten heard the jargon about phrases flowing, however this must be defined. The reverse of writing that flows is writing that’s uneven. Of their basic ebook The Parts of Type, William Strunk and E.B. White use this instance as an example uneven writing:

Coleridge wrote Rime of the Historic Mariner at Nether Stowey. Nether Stowey is a number of miles from Bridgewater.

Discover how the writing could be very cease and go, like driving on a downtown road choked with pink lights at each block? Every sentence consists of a brief, easy concept. Then it stops. Strunk and White advise us to revise these two uneven sentences into one flowing sentence:

Nether Stowey, the place Coleridge wrote Rime of the Historic Mariner, is a couple of miles from Bridgewater.

There are dozens of the way these two statements might be revised, however Strunk and White present an apt illustration right here. The phrases are principally unchanged, however for most professors a flowing sentence is preferable, like cruising down an open interstate freed from gridlock is preferable to a motorist.

It’s also possible to enhance the looks of your essays by not overusing the identical phrases. One phrase that college students are likely to overuse is the verb to get. The most typical use of ‘get’ is to purchase: ‘Mike got the mail,’ and so forth. Nevertheless, it’s common to make use of get for comprehension—’Did you get what the professor was saying’— and for to be—’I received my pockets stolen from me.’ Every time potential, use totally different phrases. For instance, for comprehension you’ll be able to rewrite the sentence as, ‘Did you understand what the professor was saying?’ For to be you possibly can rephrase the sentence as, ‘My wallet was stolen from me.’

Students typically come to their professors when factors are deducted from their essay’s grade. Most professors are joyful to elucidate the character of those deductions, however you want to additionally contemplate the professor’s perspective. Let’s take a look at a sentence that may be a typical prevalence in school essays:

All of us should die eventually, so reside life when you can. Life is hard, however you win some and also you lose some.

As a professor, I discover this assertion mystifying! Who does this disembodied “you” handle? It doesn’t appeared designed to deal with me the professor-reader, however who does the second individual right here confer with? In a proper essay, a scholar ought to use “you” solely when addressing a selected or common reader, by no means for exposition. In any other case, you may as nicely be addressing the cosmic wanderer.

One other drawback with the assertion is that it says completely nothing! “Live life while you can,” “life is tough,” and “win some, lose some” are all three well-known platitudes, however, as with most platitudes, they’re additionally enigmatic from the standpoint of precise content material. How is a professor to know what you meant by these statements? After 12 years or extra of school, graduate faculty, dissertation writing, and maybe supporting a rising household on stipends and ravenous TA wages, most professors can grasp that “life is tough.” So what? What does this should do with something?

The cliché content material of this sentence presents extra questions than solutions, and an excellent sentence, until it’s rhetorically intentional or has a query mark on the finish, ought to all the time reply questions, not pose them. To do that is straightforward sufficient: simply ensure that your which means is obvious. If it isn’t, then make it clear. Take this sentence:

In Lee Smith’s story “Me and My Baby View the Eclipse,” Sharon Shaw felt like she had no different selection however to commit adultery so she might really feel like she was a lady.

Properly, I feel most feminine professors will agree that there’s multiple sort of “woman,” and they’ll in all probability inform you so of their feedback on the rubric. To keep away from such suggestions, maybe you’ll want to present a extra exact rationalization of your concepts regarding Sharon Shaw, adultery, and “feeling like a woman.”

So how can we repair this assertion? Maybe we should always delete your complete “so she could feel like she was a woman” phrase as a result of it actually doesn’t assist or fulfill something. Let’s attempt changing it with one thing reminiscent of “because she was weary of what she felt was a monotonous existence as a suburban housewife.” Let’s learn the sentence as soon as extra in its entirety.

In Lee Smith’s “Me and My Baby View the Eclipse,” Sharon Shaw felt like she had no different selection however to commit adultery as a result of she was weary of what she felt was a monotonous existence as a suburban housewife.

The sentence that was as soon as sexist and humorously equivocal is now clear, unequivocal, and cautiously avoids sexism. Now the professor can see that you weren’t solely able to studying and comprehending Smith’s story, however you have been additionally capable of categorical such human ideas and emotions in clear phrases.

One thing else you must keep away from in your school writing is using slang or different colloquialisms. Slang is perhaps hip when spoken within the firm of associates, however when written can typically be the reason for unwarranted humor. Take this sentence for instance:

My pal Joe and I like to hang around by my window. We’ve all the time caught collectively since grade faculty.

The primary sentence conjures humorous pictures of the author and his good friend hanging out of a window! Within the second sentence, the phrase sticking collectively causes the reader to think about the character of the author’s relationship to his pal as both amorous or Chang/Eng conjoint!

You may consider your professor as a boring, pedantic one that lacks a way of favor, and so forth. Nevertheless, opposite to many scholar assertions, professors typically have an ironic, voracious, and (at occasions) caustic humorousness. In case you are not cautious (and I say this lovingly, not jeeringly), we profs will take pleasure in buckets of laughter…in all probability at your expense.

All generalizations are false, together with…

Lastly, keep away from generalizations in your writing. Whereas generalities at occasions is perhaps troublesome to eschew, you need to make an effort to make use of phrases that clearly illustrate your comprehension and intent. Right here is an instance of a generalization that I typically discover in school essays:

Within the story “Midnight and I’m Not Famous Yet,” Barry Hannah’s character Bobby Smith is troubled.

The issue with this sentence is that the author has made a press release that conveys little to nothing. Additionally, if the assertion is meant because the thesis for an essay, then it should fail as a result of this argument places the minimal onus on the author to show or help something (which was the purpose of the task within the first place).

Basic statements is perhaps unavoidable, however you must all the time attempt to thresh out extra which means in an effort to exhibit to the professor that you simply perceive the intricacies of Barry Hannah’s story or his character. Let’s take the identical sentence and add on extra to the top.

Within the story “Midnight and I’m Not Famous Yet,” Barry Hannah’s character Bobby Smith is troubled as a result of his beliefs about honor in battle distinction with the realities he faces within the Vietnam Struggle.

From studying this sentence, your professor can now infer that you’re conscious of the complexities of Hannah’s story past the floor of the plot.

All this stuff I would like, and extra… 

There are a plethora of books that contact on the subject of college-level writing, greater than I can talk about right here. You may also take a look at my “The Rhetoric of an Excellent Essay” for an summary of how the artwork of persuasion is efficient with school professors.* Nevertheless, this can be a good begin. Primarily, the reply to the query ‘what I want’ results in one other query: what are the qualities of the type of writing that professors take pleasure in?

Whether or not in school or the skilled world, I feel the reply is identical: I take pleasure in writing that’s extra than simply right, however is stylistically clean and thoughtful. I like writing that clarifies content material and doesn’t obfuscate it.

Greater than anything, I like writing that treats me like a reader moderately than a pc or calculating machine. If you write, deal with me like a human being. In case you do that, you’ll go far.

Republished with gracious permission from the Carolina Institute for Religion and Tradition (September 2017).

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